Over the last few months, we have received lots of questions about the little photo of Sophie we put up. Isn't she cute? Well, we figure we should have some silly fun and show you the cats that actively oversee the Debra's Garden production line. Please note that these are working cats- they actively interfere with all stages of production, from chasing beads across the floor to knocking over the order packing station! We love them nonetheless.

We have also decided that if we get any new cats, they will be named HEYGETDOWNFROMTHERE! and WHATDIDYOUJUSTDO?


Hannah has passed away in Oct 2011. As a memorial, we leave her description up. She is dearly missed!

Hannah is our lapcat girl! She's forever kind and loving, unless she thinks you're ignoring her. Also, she's a shelter rescue.

Whether Debra is finishing orders or putting them away, she occasionally sits on top of the orders to keep them warm. She is Chief Vocalizer, who's main task is to meow at Debra and the other house humans to pay attention to her. (Cat forbid the humans are doing anything productive, eh?)


Aurora is a darling, quiet girl who loves to lick and nuzzle. She's a rescue cat from Ohio, where she was found on the street. She came to us through a persian cat rescue from Petfinders.com.

Sadly, Aurora has some neurologial damage in her tail. She seems normal, but she has some trouble jumping and racing around tight corners. It's really cute because that never stops her! She crashes and careens around the place all willy-nilly.


Sophie is a 4-year-old silver Abyssinian with a silver Somali grandfather. Meaning, she's soft and cute. Oh so cute... just ask Willow, he spends hours staring at her : )

She also weighs nothing, does 0-60MPH in .3 seconds, and is our Chief Dumpster Diver and Director of Nibbling. She often doesn't know what she's chewing on, but she has to taste it!

Sophie loves to hide her little treasures. Beware when you put your shoes on Dad!


Willow is the alpha-male around here. If you ask him, he owns the place!

He's an 8-year-old blue Abyssinian that's devilishly smart. He's Chief of Bubble Packing, and he drags sheets of it up and down the stairs all day. He's sure he's helping.

His most cherished place in the house is between Debra and her keyboard. "Can't miss me that way!"

Like cats? We do, too.

You can help by purchasing an Animal Rescue Needle Gauge at your local yarn store,
where $2 from every purchase goes toward helping animal shelters across the USA.


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